Meet Lorna the Business Owner/Medical Director of Age Repair Aesthetic Clinic.

Lorna is a Registered General Nurse and an Independent Nurse Prescriber.

Lorna has spent 20 years in healthcare and the last 14 years in aesthetics. She trained and then specialized in Acute Care where she spent 7 years in the General Intensive Care Unit.

Since leaving the NHS 5 years ago, whilst also working independently in aesthetics, she followed her dreams to open her own practice, the now known and recognised clinic Age Repair.

Lorna is very passionate about education in aesthetic medicine and has carried out over 55 paid courses as well as attending yearly updates, expert seminars, online webinars and various aesthetic medical conferences.

She continues to spend a lot of her time reading journals and watching online webinars to make sure her skills and knowledge are always kept up to date.

Lorna also has a particular interest in the general health and wellbeing of people and has completed extra training in mental health and nutrition as she feels this is an important role within aesthetic medicine.

Although Lorna comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience she is a real people person, down to earth and whose regular loyal patients always look forward to seeing and chatting with each visit.

Outside of work you'll find Lorna always looking for ways to expand her portfolio and satisfy her entrepreneurial drive.

Interesting Fact - Lorna was a contestant on "The Weakest Link"

Lorna works at Age Repair on:

Wednesdays 10:00 - 17:00

Thursdays 11:00 - 19:00