At Age Repair, our medical aesthetics solutions are there to help our patients feel uplifted, confident and beautiful in their skin.

We know there are some medical conditions that are of concern to our patients, and as such, we are here to support them in finding the right treatment.

Below you will find a range of medical issues that we are able to support with our medical aesthetics services and products.

Medical Aesthetics from Age Repair

There are many options to support any condition. Let's look at each of these in more details, and how we can help with our Medical Aesthetics treatments and products.

Acne & Acne Scaring

There are a number of ways to treat both Acne and Acne scaring, and you are not stuck with it for life. Don't worry.

At Age Repair, we will usually use a blend of in-clinic medical aesthetics treatments, as well as highly results-focused products for you to use at home that will support you in getting your skin a much more healthy and happy place.

We will always want to carry out a skin analysis first, so we choose the right treatment path for you.

Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)

Bruxism not only can leave costly damage to the teeth, but also leaves you feeling uncomfortable and distressed.

At Age Repair, we have a wonderful treatment that works fantastically for those that are continuously grinding their teeth.

Our aim is to relax certain muscles in your jaw. This can be life changing for some people, and you too!

We use botox to do this, which is highly effective. Enquiring about this treatment will allow us to find out if it's right for you.

(excessive sweating)

Excessive sweating is common in both males and females. It can range from just one body part, to all over.

We use an injectable medical aesthetics treatment to help our patients overcome this problem; preventing the sweat glands from this over production.

If excess sweating hinders your day-to-day life, it is well worth considering this treatment option.


Migraines are a prime candidate for medical aesthetics, and can help overcome a problem that can really interfere with daily life.

We just botox to support this, to relieve those symptoms.

Having these injections in key sites has been medically proven to provide preventative support to lessen the symptoms of migraine.

At Age Repair, this is a treatment we have been providing for some time, with great results for our patients.

Moles & Skin Tags

Pretty much everyone has moles, and perhaps the odd skin tag here and there; and they can be located on the face or body.

At Age Repair, with our medical aesthetics expertise, we are able to safely remove these for our patients with a simple procedure.

We will always ask that you seek the advice from your GP first of all, so that they can confirm that your mole of skin tag is safe to remove, and they have no concerns about anything of medical concern.


Hyperpigmentation is very common and in most cases, completely harmless. Quite simply, patches of skin increase in darkness due to excess melanin (the brown pigment that produces normal skin colour) forms deposits in the skin.

At Age Repair, we have a number of treatments that are suitable for hyperpigmentation, as well as products that will help with the process for you to use safely at home.

It is possible to completely reverse hyperpigmentation with the right treatment path.

Sun Damage

Whilst spending time in the sun has its advantages, it is also very damaging to your skin; causing discolouration, wrinkles, broken capillaries and more.

At Age Repair, we believe in prevention rather than cure and always make sure that our patients wear a high performing SPF all year round.

However, when the damage is done, it can be reversed, and we support our patients to choose an appropriate medical aesthetics route; whether skincare products or indeed treatments, such as chemical peels.


There are a number of treatments and products that you should steer clear of when you are pregnant, and also if you are breastfeeding, but there is a treatment we offer here at Age Repair that is totally safe and highly recommend for pregnant mothers, particularly during the third trimester, and that is the Body Ballancer.

Whether you want a treatment in clinic, or select products for you to use at home, simply get in touch with us and we can recommend something that is right for you, that will also ensure your baby stays very safe.


Rosacea often starts as redness on the central area of the face, across the cheeks, nose or forehead, and can extend beyond. It can get progressively worse over time, and flare ups can be triggered; which is personal to each and every individual.

There are many options to dealing with rosacea, depending on the severity - from topical medical grade skincare, to in-clinic treatments that may include light therapy, chemical peels and others, depending on personal circumstances.

We recommend a medical aesthetics treatment pathway, depending on our patient's requirements.

Our Medical Aesthetics treatments are a wonderful way to ensure you feel confident in your skin, and you alleviate any worries and discomforts you may have.

We always recommend a skin analysis as your first step.

This will allow us to assess your problem or need, and recommend an appropriate course of action to ensure that once we've carried our your medical aesthetic treatments, you'll feel amazing!

Skin Analysis, using out state of the art technology, is £40 per session; which is then redeemable against products and treatments.