Medical & Aesthetic Skin Specialists in Romsey, Hampshire

Age Repair Aesthetic Clinic (near Southampton) is home to an experienced and highly qualified team of Nurse Prescribers and Aesthetic Skin Specialists, specialising in non-invasive aesthetic treatments such as Anti-Wrinkle, Dermal Fillers, Skin Rejuvenation and Skin Tightening.

We are focused on protecting, maintaining and restoring the health and appearance of your skin, using the latest aesthetic technology, the highest quality of skin treatment products, and advanced medical training, knowledge and experience in aesthetic treatments.

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Here to make you...

The happiest version of you!

The visible signs of ageing and other skin complaints can be extremely detrimental to the way you see yourself, and in the longer term be very damaging to your confidence and self-esteem.

Even though changes to your skin, such as loss of elasticity, fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone and texture are a natural part of ageing, it can knock your confidence making you feel unhappy and self conscious.

Whilst some earlier than expected changes to your skin can be linked to genetics, the majority of these visible signs of ageing are exaggerated as result of three main things:

  1. Lifestyle
  2. External factors like pollution and exposure to UV rays
  3. A poor skin care routine

The good news!

There's much that can be done to dramatically improve the quality of your skin and significantly reduce the visible signs of ageing.

At Age Repair we operate to the highest clinical standards and are passionate about helping you to feel great about yourself once again.

We pride ourselves on giving you the best tailored advice to help you achieve your skin goals, and delivering the most effective and competitively priced aesthetic treatments at our comfortable and friendly clinic.

Find out more about how our team of skin experts can help you by booking in for a consultation.


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What Our Client's Say

"Lorna is so friendly and informative. I have been seeing her for many years now for different treatments and couldn’t be happier"

"Without a doubt the ONLY place to go for fillers. Do not make the same mistake as me and try elsewhere. Lorna is the best!!!"

"Zoe is so down to earth, considering her experience, I always love coming to see her. Its like seeing an old friend each visit. She always remembers my name!"

"This place,to me,isn't about the excellent beauty enhancements available.more about looking as you would have if illness and stress hadn't taken it away.loving seeing me return."

"Great place offers various treatments wouldn't go anywhere else now"

"Lorna at Age Repair is outstanding! I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my procedures. She is professional and above all has your best interests at heart."

"Always very satisfied, informative consultation and kind professional staff. Very happy with the results."

"Excellent Botox results as always!. I don’t know how you do it, but you do! Thank you!"

"Bright and airy environment, all staff friendly. Lorna has been professionally and answered my questions and put me at ease."

"Couldn’t be happier with the results. I said I wanted it to look natural and that I still wanted a bit of movement - which is exactly what I got. No one has noticed (unless I tell them) which is what I wanted but I do keep getting compliments from people saying I’m ‘glowing’ and my ‘skin is looking great’ - which I’m putting down to the Botox so I really am thrilled. Lorna is amazing and knows exactly what she’s doing - highly recommend."

"My and my partner have been coming for a while to see Lorna and have always been very happy with results."

"Lovely clean and efficient clinic. I’m really happy with my results. Vicki was knowledgeable and offered advice about my skin concerns. Im looking forward to next my treatment."

"Would highly recommend! All staff are professional & friendly. Lorna is very knowledgeable & put me at ease on my first visit. Happy with my results and will be returning."

"Wouldn’t go anywhere else. Lorna is very professional and amazing at what she does. Lovely receptionist too."

"After using Obagi Products to treat my Rosacea my skin is feeling great! No turning back for me, thank you Lorna for advising me to try it."

"Lorna was beyond professional and reassuring whilst also being friendly and taking the time to listen to all my concerns. Very happy! Thank you Age Repair and see you soon."

"Vikki I love what you do to my Lips each time, wouldn't go anywhere else"

"My confidence has improved so much since having Endymed Skin Tightening treatments. Thank you Zoe"