The World’s First SPF 50 UVA Ultra Sun Protection with Gradual Self Tan & Instant Bronzer Luxury Lotion

TANCREAM™ carefully blends sunscreen and sunless tanning agents to create an innovative luxury face and body lotion offering SPF 50, a superior self tan, a tint of natural bronzer and moisturising properties – all in one bottle.


Combining an SPF50 with a gradual daily self-tan, might seem obvious, however it has never been achieved before as the chemistry involved in combining the active ingredients is complicated.

The formula for TANCREAM™ has been developed by the UK’s top suncare specialists and took two years of intensive research. It has a unique patent pending status and has been endorsed by leading dermatologists.


From skin cancer, to TANCREAM™

TANCREAM™ was developed specifically by Gillian Robson and Katy Foxcroft. After Gillian was diagnosed with aggressive skin cancer she was unable to find an appropriate effective product in the existing skincare market to provide colour, a long lasting self-tan combined with the protection of sunscreen. With the vision to develop a sun lotion for safe body coverage with the added bonus of a rapid bronzer and beautiful natural gradual tan, Gillian and Katy enlisted the expertise of leading sun care expert, Dr Jack Ferguson, to create award winning TANCREAM™.



“You can’t deny that a natural glow looks healthy and attractive. The safest possible way to get that is with Tancream - I love the innovation of giving a beautiful natural colour combined with a clinically effective SPF50. I recommend it to any patients who like the look of a tan, but who also want to invest in their skin health” Dr Sophie Shotter

The demands of being a Make up Artist not only rely on skill but the choice of beauty products to deliver optimum results in little time.  Tan Cream is a reliable 5 in 1 solution for talent on covershoots and red carpet events to models on fashion shows as well as private clients - a go-to suncare system offering instant glow with the best possible protection with no streaking, no blue tinge and no unpleasant odour.   I know I’ve been waiting for this type of face and body solution for a long time and I’m sticking with it! Nadira Persaud – Make up Artist

“Having experienced basal carcinomas, I am extremely sun-aware. What I love about using Tancream is the simple once-a-day application, giving full-on SPF 50 protection and an added bonus of a great natural gradual tan.” Edwina Wynyard, Managing Director, Amazing PR

I have sensitive skin but happily this cream was perfect and very hydrating for the skin on my arms that's prone to eczema. Really love the natural tan that develops and even through winter I used as a face cream Sarah Kaye

Price £45.00  - 100ml